The Horses Are Here!

IMG_1417 The horses, moments after arriving!

This is just a teaser from our exciting day today. Yes, today was the day when horses came back to our property after a long season of “horse-less-ness.” It’s too late for me to go through all the photos and post everything, but I couldn’t let the day go by without sharing a “sneak peek” and thanking a few people. I am so full of gratitude for all the help I have received on this journey back into the horse world!

Very special thanks to my friend Lynn, who spent several hours with us and drove her truck and trailer to pick up these two sweeties. Several years ago, she kept her horses on our property and even leased our barn for a time before buying her own farm. Lynn has been so generous and encouraging throughout this process.

Thank you to MeLanie, who trusted us with Smokey, our companion Shetland pony. We look so forward to getting to know him and caring for him.

Thank you, Sydney and Lauren-Kate, who took wonderful care of Foxie and Smokey, leading them to the pasture, preparing their stalls with fresh sawdust and brushing them to a shine. You girls helped settle the horses in so sweetly.

Many thanks to my friend Karen for documenting this day in photos (more to come) and making it so fun with your wonderful enthusiasm

Thank you,  Jo, for joining in on the “party” and coming over to meet Foxie and Smokey. Your presence added to the festiveness of this day.

And last, but never least, thank you to my husband Joel, who came down to the barn with Sydney and me after dinner. He helped me adjust stiff bridle parts, retrieved a leg wrap that Sunny ran off with and stood in the pasture to watch Sydney and me ride as the sun went down. It was a beautiful way to end an amazing day.

IMG_3046Sydney and Foxie



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