Moving Day: Part I – Smokey

It’s been my intention from the outset to bring two horses to the barn that could eventually be sweet companions and good riding mounts for Sydney and her friend LK . We found Sydney’s horse Foxie first, and a friend of a friend allowed us to borrow Smokey, her Shetland pony, so that Foxie would have a pasture buddy. This gave me a few weeks to settle into the reality of having horses again, and it also gave me some time to search for a second horse.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been in touch with my neighbor Darlene who owns a barn down the street from us. It turns out that her daughter’s pony Misty, a sweet Quarter Horse paint mare, was available for lease. Last Saturday, Sydney, LK, Karen and I went over to meet Misty. LK fell in love, and she and Misty seem to be a good match. So during the next week, Karen arranged to lease Misty. It just so happened that Darlene needed a pasture buddy for her other horse, so we made plans to trade Smokey, the Shetland pony, for Misty, for the time being.

It was a beautiful morning to walk Smokey to his new (temporary) home just down the road. After we got Smokey settled, I rode Misty back to our farm (with Karen and the girls driving slowly behind me). The girls were sorry to say goodbye to Smokey. He’s been so fun to have around the barn. Maybe he’ll come back. 🙂


Sydney leading Smokey down our driveway.



Smokey and the girls, with Karen driving slowly behind to alert any traffic that a horse was up ahead on the road.


I handled Smokey on the road, in case he got nervous. He was a champ.


He even walked across the bridge with no hesitation.


Smokey met some new friends along the way.


He wanted to stay and play.



Smokey arrives at his new home.


Smokey looks like he’ll fit right in. Of course, the girls will miss him.


Smokey meets his new pasture mate Daisy. Smokey is great at making new friends.

We’ll miss you, Smokey! But we trust you’ll enjoy your time with Daisy.

Stay tuned for “Moving Day: Part II – Misty,” which will be coming soon. Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day!



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