Moving Day: Part II – Misty

This past Saturday was a big day at the barn. We “traded” horses with our neighbor. The girls and I walked Smokey down the road, and a little while later returned to our barn with Misty. If you missed Part I of Moving Day, click here.

On Saturday, after we said goodbye to sweet Smokey, we turned our attention to Misty. We saddled her up, took a few photos and then I prepared for the ride back along the road to our farm.



Misty wasn’t too sure about some of the sights along the road. The mailboxes and the bridge were kind of scary, but she was very brave, and we made the trip without incident. Karen was a big help as she drove her car slowly behind Misty and me and flashed her headlights at any oncoming traffic. Fortunately, there were only a few cars and the drivers all slowed down. It was a beautiful morning for a ride!




Once we arrived at our farm, we put Misty in the middle paddock, so she could look around.


I then put Foxie into a pasture where she and Misty could see each other. Foxie, who had been by herself for the past hour, was happy to see another horse. She and Misty got acquainted at a distance first.

Then I moved Foxie into the small paddock next to Misty. The two horses nosed each other.




Finally, it was time to put them in the same paddock and see how they got along. We all held our breath for a moment.



There were a few “hello squeals.” But, very quickly, the two mares settled down and began grazing side by side. It was a beautiful sight.





It was a fun and exciting morning. We’re all so happy to have Misty at the barn and so pleased that she and Foxie are becoming good friends. Thanks to Karen for once again documenting the day with photos.



2 Comments on “Moving Day: Part II – Misty”

  1. gildasyverson says:

    I love your visuals along with your stories. Great one here! And I’m so glad the mares are happy together.


  2. awcamp says:

    Thanks, Gil!


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