The Farrier Comes to Visit

This morning the farrier came for his regular visit and he trimmed all three horses’ hooves. Smokey was first in line, but I didn’t think to get my camera out until the farrier started working on Misty. Too bad…it would have been a good photo as the farrier is quite tall (6’3″ at least) and Smokey is … well…36 inches high. Needless to say, Smokey had the farrier on his knees.



Misty was a good girl for the farrier. She was so low-key that she almost fell asleep. Note the closed eye and the lowered head (in the second photo).




No one was more excited to see the farrier than Sunny. She loves to chew on the hoof trimmings. So she waited … and waited….



and waited… Is it time yet?


Next, it was Foxie’s turn. She was very relaxed too. Maybe it’s sort of like getting your nails done…a nice morning at the spa.





By the end of the morning, all three horses had lovely trimmed feet, and Sunny was a happy dog as she feasted on hoof treats.


2 Comments on “The Farrier Comes to Visit”

  1. Lyn Bolen Warren says:

    Oh, I love seeing these photos…I can almost smell the barn from here!:) Wonderful smells!


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