Sydney’s Third Book — and the Story Continues…


Sydney with her three books. The mystery series is complete!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing over the past several years as a homeschool mom has been teaching a writing class to Sydney and her good friend Lauren-Kate. It has been amazing to see what these girls have been able to accomplish at such a young age. Sydney has worked hard all year in order to finish Mystery at Camp Lakeside, her third and final book in her mystery series. Matt and Teresa, her wonderful brother-sister team, attend summer camp and find themselves in the midst of another mystery. As always, their rambunctious golden retriever Rusty joins in on the fun.


Sunny was Sydney’s inspiration for Rusty, the golden retriever in her books.

As a writer myself, I can’t help but be proud of the work Sydney has done. It has been such a pleasure sharing my passion and the joy of writing on a weekly basis with my daughter. Watching her develop her unique gifts has been fascinating. I am a memoir writer — someone who records real life and attempts to make meaning out of it. But Sydney writes fiction and has an amazing ability to create characters and stories out of thin air. She has a knack for plotting, adding interesting and fun twists and keeping an entire story line in her head. And she’s incredibly conscientious.

Over the past several years, I watched her sit down at her computer and dream up chapter after chapter. Her characters became as real to me as family members: Teresa, the thoughtful older sister; Matt, the spontaneous and fun younger brother; Grandpa with his funny southern sayings, and Rusty with her lovable hi-jinks. I will miss listening to the latest adventures of these characters, and I will miss my time around the writing table with Sydney.

book photos 054

Sydney and Lauren-Kate, after their first two books were published.

With the publication of this third and final book in her series, Sydney is closing out a sweet and special period of her life. She is ready to move on to something new. Will there be more writing in her future? Who knows? What I do know is that she is entering an exciting time of exploration and growth, a time where she needs space for the new stories that are taking place in her own life.

2013-4-25 011

Sydney and Lauren-Kate signing their first books at a craft fair.

I trust the gifts of story telling and creating wonderful characters will stay with Sydney. I hope she’ll look back with fondness at the worlds she fashioned and the hours we spent in our weekly writing group. I know she already appreciates the bonds of friendship that formed and deepened over the years as she and Lauren-Kate shared this journey. The narrative will continue always…in one form or another.

For anyone interested in learning more about Sydney’s books, see her website:,, or


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