A New Paddock

At the beginning of the week, I let the horses into a new paddock. I’d been “saving” it for the summer because it’s nice and shady. I would have let them into it sooner, but there was a area that tends to get holes in it that I needed to rope off. Last weekend, I finally got the temporary fence posts deep in the hard ground, thanks to Joel, and strung the temporary fence tape. After weeks of drought conditions, the horses were thrilled with the “new” paddock and all the moist green grass. They took off to explore.

The horses were a little curious about the area that was fenced off. It must be that thing about the grass always being greener….IMG_3757

But they quickly settled down and enjoyed the luscious green grass. It was a sweet sight seeing them grazing contentedly together, muzzles buried in the grass.IMG_3760

We are blessed to have several paddocks and such wonderful grass!


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