Smokey’s Personal Pasture

Smokey has always had the ability to go where he wants to go. He’s a smart little fellow and can slip through gates and under fences with ease. Last week, when I “roped off” a small area of the shady paddock, I knew it wouldn’t be long before he found his way under or through the temporary fence. He didn’t disappoint! After a few days, I decided to take down the third and lowest strand of fence tape, since it seemed — no matter how often I tightened it — to always be sagging in the morning.

The other day, all three horses found their way into the tiny corner of the paddock that had been “sealed off.” Wish I’d taken a photo of that. So, after refilling the big hole I had been trying to “rope off,” I decided to take the temporary fence down since the only thing it seemed to be doing was piquing the curiosity of the horses and encouraging them to explore.






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