April is Here!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this sweet mare all the way from near Charleston, South Carolina. Today April made the trip. She got off the trailer and immediately seemed at home.


This is the big rig she arrived in. Thanks so much to Deirdra Lunny for transporting her safely to us!


Foxie and Misty ran right over to say hello to the new horse. April was more interested in grass than socializing.


We started April out in the paddock behind the barn so the other horses could see her and get used to her presence.


Then we put April in the middle paddock and turned Smokey out beside her. He was thrilled to have a new mare on the property and trotted right over to welcome her. April wasn’t overly interested in him at first.


But Smokey finally got April’s attention. Even though Smokey is only three feet tall, he’s still “the big man” around the farm.


The biggest surprise of the day for me was when Deirdra got out of her truck, I realized she was an old friend from the horse world. We knew each other before we had children. Now, both of our daughters ride. It was fun catching up with her. Small world!



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