Different Combinations



April drying off behind the barn after her bath.

We’ve been moving horses around this week, trying out different combinations to see how they get along. Initially, while we still have Smokey, the easiest and most natural combination was to pair up Foxie and Misty in one paddock and pair up Smokey and April in another. All four horses were quite happy with this arrangement. Then we tried April with Foxie, who is the alpha mare. Since we’ve been riding the two of them together, they seemed quite content and peaceful together. Next, we tried April with Misty. In the beginning, Misty made it clear that she was in charge, putting her ears back. But after a few minutes, both horses settled down and grazed contentedly together.

The next day, we decided to try the three mares together to see what would happen. I put them in the big pasture so they’d have plenty of room. I didn’t want April to get cornered. Misty again pinned her ears at April and kept her away from Foxie. But the horses seemed to settle down — Misty and Foxie in close proximity and April just a short distance away. And, finally, we let Smokey join the herd. He trotted on over to his mares, thrilled to be with them again. Interestingly, he started out very close to Foxie and Misty. He was so happy to be with them that he rolled. Once again, all four horses settled into companionable grazing.


Foxie and April getting acquainted. April look darker than usual here because her coat is still damp.


Seeing double! Misty and April figuring out their relationship.


Smokey and April enjoying each other.


Foxie and Misty across the way from Smokey and April. Each pair was very content.


April, Foxie and Misty in the big pasture.


April standing just a few feet away from Foxie and Misty.


Smokey joins up with Misty and Foxie, and April is a little farther away.


Smokey, Misty and Foxie being downright cliquish!


Smokey is so happy he decides to roll.


Smokey getting up from his rolling.


2 Comments on “Different Combinations”

  1. Joanne Schumm says:

    What beautiful pictures, Ann. Oh, how we miss you!


    • awcamp says:

      Thanks, Joanne. We miss you all too. So thankful we were able to have some time with you this summer. Hope Ellie is enjoying the Color Guard. Love to you three! xoxo


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