Alzheimer’s Discussion: the Upside to Aging Interviews the AlzAuthors Management Team

Top row: Ann Campanella, Molly LeGrand, Vicki Tapia. Bottom row: Kathryn Harrison and Jean Lee.

Thank you to Molly LeGrand, of the Upside to Aging for this wonderful interview with the members of the AlzAuthors Management Team.

What can I say about the women I work with at AlzAuthors? Jean Lee, Vicki Tapia, Marianne Sciucco and Kathryn Harrison. In less than a year, I have grown to love and admire them so much. Each of them has her own story of Alzheimer’s and caregiving. And they are kind and generous human beings who want to help others in their caregiving journey.

Jean, Vicki, Kathryn and I had such a great discussion with Molly, starting with how AlzAuthors began, moving into our personal stories of loved ones and our Alzheimer’s books and ending with the value of resources for family caregivers and the solace of finding community.

To view the interview now, click here.

I have become an instant fan of Molly’s, and if you are interested in learning more about the field of aging, please check out her website. She is dedicated to sharing an alternative and more positive side to aging.

For more information on Motherhood: Lost and Found, a memoir about my mother who developed Alzheimer’s at the same time I was trying to become a mom myself, click here.

AlzAuthors provides bestselling and well-vetted books and resources for those dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Click here to read Molly’s post about AlzAuthors on Upside to Aging. And click the photo below to watch the interview!


2 Comments on “Alzheimer’s Discussion: the Upside to Aging Interviews the AlzAuthors Management Team”

  1. Thank you, Ann! I had such a wonderful time listening and learning from all of you! Such an empowering team you have and so thankful to have connected with you all.


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