At the Salt Lick

We always enjoy watching our horses and seeing their natural behaviors and herd instincts. The other morning the horses hung around the back of the barn after I had turned them out. So I watched them take turns at the salt lick. Foxie is the alpha mare, so she always goes first; then Misty, then April. Poor April didn’t get a turn this time (she’s at the bottom of the herd)…but she has her own salt block in her stall. 🙂


Foxie moves in for her turn at the salt lick.



Because she’s the alpha horse, she takes her time…and the others wait patiently for her to be finished.



Finally…Foxie moves away and it’s Misty’s turn. April waits in the wings…staying close. Sunny keeps an eye on the horses too.



Foxie comes back and parks her head in Misty’s neck while April continues to wait.



Foxie and Misty wander into the pasture…and April decides to follow them, forgoing the salt lick. She doesn’t want to lose sight of her friends.